Know where your business RANKS on Google

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Local IP used?

When we do all the work, we will use your areas local IP. This makes all work natural. For example, if you business is in New York, then it's better if all work is done from New York location. So, Local IPs are used for ALL Plans

Do You Submit To Specific Site Directories?

Well, we have had success with a our own specific list of sites. All are good! But still if you have a custom list please let us know and we will try our best to fulfill your needs!

What is Bookmarking with NAP?

Bookmarks is the best way for SEO and traffic. So, we will submit your site to various bookmarking site and use your Business NAP (Name | Address | Phone #) in all descriptions. It helps to acheive great backlinks + Citations! As per our experience!

What is Keyword Research?

We will do in-depth keyword research as per your business niche and location. You will recieve reports each mpnth.

What is done in Competitors Analysis?

If your competitor ranks above you, it means they have done something better than you. So, We will analyze you top competitor and provide in a report which will give you an advantage in your Marketing above your competition.

What is Previous Citations Check?

Well, most of businesses do not have a good ranking in Google Maps becauses they have inconsistent NAP everywhere on internet. We will provide you with a report with all citations - consistent and inconsistent. You can now get all inconsistent citations rectified or removed. Once you get report, you may contact us for a quote.

What is included in ONPAGE SEO REPORT?

It lists down your websites current status and all that should and can be improved. If you have a great OnPage SEO, than you are on the right track to sucess!

What are Citations?

Simply put, a Map citation is a mention of your business on another website that lists your name, address, and phone number. (NAP) Google is constantly searching the internet looking for local information that matches the business listing that appears on Google's local results.