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Expedite Google Maps Updates Disclaimer Terms and conditions 


You understand that your purchase today may lead to mutual growth with other businesses that you may or may not see as competitors on The Google Maps Street View. 

By agreeing to this purchase you understand that this service could have a positive or negative effect on your business economically, based on your performance and the performance of others. 

In the event that your business is Negatively affected economically after the completion of our expedited Google Maps Guys Google Maps Street view update, you agree to hold harmless Google Inc., Prime Elysium LLC, The Google Maps Guys, and any other businesses surrounding your business contributing services to the public for the common good free of any liability.

​ In regards to your property measurements, you agree all measurements are to be seen as guesstimate and or thereabouts. Neither Prime Elysium LLC, or The Google Maps Guys can warrant the accuracy, reliability or the timeliness of the information on any systems and or websites  of Google Inc., Pierce County, the Pierce County Assessor-Treasure and shall not be held liable for losses caused by using some information.


And finally, You understand that none of your properties “measurements information” gathered or maintained by   Pierce County, or the Pierce County Assessor-Treasure system / website , will be used from the nature of a commercial-scale for financial gain.

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